5 Singing Tips to Supercharge Your Performance

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While there are an incredible number of singing tips I can share with you, you should know right now that singing well comes down to executing on the basics.

Just like an athlete, you are better off as a singer learning to Master the Basics then to become ‘OK’ at all the fancy tricks. The pros want to make it look easy, but all they are doing is

Now, since we’re clear that the basics are very important to singing well, let’s dive into the Top 5 Singing Tips of All Time.

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#1 Singing Tips – Learn What Your Natural Range Is

singing-tips-rangeIf you want to expand your range (and what singer doesn’t?) the first thing you need to do is find out what your natural range actually is. The most common vocal ranges, from highest to lowest, are: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass.

Most ladies end up within the highest three ranges, and most guys fall within the bottom three.

So, what range are YOU in? Well, it’s pretty easy to find out. Start off by singing a middle C – we’ve included that here for your convenience:

So, with middle C as your starting point, begin singing. Then, move down the scale in half steps (that’s every note on the piano, both white and black keys). Go until you can’t sing the low notes comfortably anymore.

Here are the notes that each of the ranges should be able to sing comfortably:

  • Soprano: middle C (C4) to high A (A5)
  • Alto: G3 through F5
  • Tenor: C3 through A4
  • Baritone: G2 through F4
  • Bass: F2 through E4

#2 Singing Tips – Practice Like You’re Getting Paid

singing-tips-practiceYou have no doubt heard the cliche “practice makes perfect.” Yeah, well, there’s some truth to that – but it sounds like a pretty old and tired axiom to me. If you want to become an amazing singer, you should learn to fall in love with practicing. There really is something beautiful about letting the world slip away and just focusing on your voice.

So, instead of thinking of practice as boring drudgery, imagine that you are a famous singer and that your very job is to practice singing tips. What if you were to go onstage tonight in front of 10,000 fans who had all paid an exorbitant amount of money to hear YOU sing? THAT would change your thoughts about practicing, wouldn’t it?

Sometimes these imaginary games we play with ourselves can be VERY powerful motivators.

You think Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift, and Metallica’s James Hetfield imagined being famous singers before they made it? You can BET they did.

#3 Singing Tips – Develop a “Mixed Voice”

singing-tips-mixed-voiceThis is a concept beginning singers might not understand, so I’ll explain it here. Let me start by defining what I mean by “head” and “chest” voice.

Chest Voice: Imagine your singing coming from your chest – this is where most of your ‘regular range’ notes come from.

Head Voice: Imagine your notes coming from the front of your face, right around your nose area – this is where your highest notes come from.

Well, the challenge is that the Chest Voice and the Head Voice are really two very different animals.

That’s where developing what’s called a ‘Mixed Voice’ will help you. To develop your mixed voice, sing notes in a scale in your ‘chest voice’ all the way until you feel the notes start to become uncomfortable and start to break. That note range right there is where you need to practice your transition from Chest Voice to Head Voice.

#4 Singing Tips – Work on These Vocal Exercises

singing-tips-vocal-exercisesI’ve already outlined some excellent vocal exercises for you here, but I want to reiterate that training your body – your instrument! – is crucial. Refer to #2 above and remember to ‘Practice Like You’re Getting Paid.”

You know, the hardest part of doing anything – homework, mowing the lawn, practicing scales – is GETTING STARTED. Once you get started and fall into a nice routine of practice you really will come to love and cherish your time practicing.

This is especially true once you start to see some real progress! Then is becomes like a giant snowball rolling downhill: It gets better and bigger without much effort.

#5 Singing Tips – Cardio is King

singing-tips-cardioRunning, swimming, bike riding, walking, stairs, sprints – what do they all have in common? You guessed it! CARDIO. Did you know that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith runs like a madman? Have you seen the guy onstage? He is a maniac!

Believe me, he doesn’t get that stamina from practicing scales in the dressing room – he has a cardio routine that would put a 20 year old to shame. The reason cardiovascular exercise is so important to singing is that your breathe is the engine of your entire voice. The breathe originates from the lungs.

So, weak engine = weak voice. Strong engine = killer vocals.

When I was singing 5 nights a week in my club band, I would ride 10 to 15 miles on my road bike every chance I got – every day if possible. Having that ‘lung power’ made everything else about my singing so effortless. And, you can hold a note for days! There’s nothing like an audience cheering for you after you finish a song by holding the last note for 30 seconds.

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Alright guys, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these singing tips, and can start to put some of them to use right away!

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