How to Scream without Destroying Your Voice

Learning how to scream is a must for any Metal, Death Metal, Screamo, or Rock Singer. Whether you like Lamb of God, Stone Sour / Slipknot, Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine, or another favorite band of yours, you need to learn how to scream WITHOUT totally destroying your vocal chords.

Screaming as the lead singer in a band is WAY different than your ex screaming at you. The first one is cool, the second just ruins things!

==> Want to Scream? Learn to Sing Like a Pro <==

#1 How to Scream Tip – Learn Singing Fundamentals

how to scream sing tips1While it may sound like your favorite metal singing is totally trashing their vocal cords every time they sing, the truth is that they understand the basics of singing.

Having a good lung capacity (the ability to take deep breaths), knowing how to use your diaphragm, and having control over your vocals are all fundamentals of singing. This applies to nearly all styles of singing, and you can learn how to become much better at them here.

#2 How to Scream Tip – Don’t Try to Hurt Yourself

How to scream sing tips2Just because screaming vocals *sound* like the hurt, that doesn’t mean it needs to hurt you to scream.

When learning how to scream, remember that screaming is almost a *trick* – it’s really not as hard as it sounds!


Scream/singing is an art that’s nothing like ‘real’ screaming. Got it?

#3 How to Scream Tip – Warm Ups and Exercises

how to scream sing tips3Here’s the amateur way to learn how to scream: yell like you did when you were 8 years old and some kid hit you. You scream like a wild animal, get some completely uncontrolled sounds, and your vocal chords feel trashed afterwards. Pretty lame huh? Well, this is how a lot of people try to learn how to scream – especially kids and young people. And yeah, your voice will feel like crap because you’re hurting it.

Here’s the pro way to learn how to scream: master your instrument! (which is your voice). While telling you to practice breathing exercises and vocal warm ups may sound lame, it’s actually the key to learn how to scream.

Think about screaming like being a surgeon… instead of an ogre with a club. You can’t just go in there all crazy and start swinging the club – you need to be precise, trained, skilled, and you don’t actually have to expend very much energy.

Someone that was in the studio with Brian Johnson (singer of AC/DC) said that he sounded like he was whispering into the mic! See, he wasn’t expending a ton of energy, he just knows how to use his instrument (voice) to get ‘that sound.’

#4 How to Scream Tip – The Little Engine That Could

how to scream sing tips4Silly, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. Ok, you may have heard “sing from your diaphragm!” Well, this is *kinda* true. Your diaphragm is a muscle that sits right above your stomach, and underneath your lungs. It’s just a muscle, it doesn’t make any sound. BUT, it does force air IN and OUT of your lungs, so you can think of it like a piston in a car.

By using this “engine” (your diaphragm), you can a lot more power in your voice and a lot more contrl

#5 How to Scream Tip – Copy & Steal

how to scream sing tips5Why do you want to learn how to scream? Here’s why: you really like someone’s band where the lead singer screams. That’s it! Well, you can really learn a lot by listening very closely to your favorite ‘scream’ singers and attempting to imitate them.

The next step is to record yourself screaming/singing, then watch yourself on playback. This will be hard at first, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. HOWEVER, it gets way easier with time, and I guarantee that you will become a MUCH better screamer/singer by watching yourself and making improvements.

Ok, I hope this article has been really helpful, I’ll leave you with one parting piece of wisdom:

Great things do not happen in one shot – they happen one little step at a time.

Keep at it, and before you know it you will be well on your way to being a bad-ass screamer!

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Alright guys, I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these how to scream tips, and can start to put some of them to use right away!

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