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learn-how-to-sing-betterWelcome to LearnHowToSingBetterFast.com, we’re very glad you found us! We’re passionate about singing, and we love to share our knowledge with other singers – newbies and old pros alike!

My name is Jake Jones (I’m the founder of this site) and we have TONS of great singing tips, tricks, and ideas to share with you so you can learn how to sing better. Ok, there are lots of ways you can learn how to sing better, and we’ll cover a few right now. The first thing you’ll want to do is get a proper grasp on some of the basics of singing.

You may be asking yourself “can anyone learn to sing?” The answer is that in most cases, yes, anyone can learn to sing.

learn how to sing better fast

Learn How to Sing Better: The Basics

learn-how-to-sing-better-basicsThere are three fundamentals in music, and they apply whether you’re playing a guitar or using your voice as an instrument.

The fundamentals are: Tone, Time, and Tune. Oh, there are plenty of fancy tricks to learn along the way, but by MASTERING the basics you can become a great singer.

Tone: You must have a good ‘tone’ or  ‘sound’ – you don’t want to be too nasally or harsh – unless that’s what you’re going for [example: Willie Nelson (nasally) and Death Metal (harsh) ]

Time: You MUST be in time with the rest of the music. This means hitting your notes on cue, and having a natural flow and rhythm. This gets much easier with practice, but you can start the habit of tapping your foot, or keeping time by lightly slapping your hand against your thigh when you stand up and sing. It may also help you to practice singing scales with a metronome or some drum machine App on your phone.

Tune: The MOST important aspect. You MUST be on-key and in tune if you are to sing in front of others. Singing is a double edged sword: if you are good at it, others will delight in your singing. If you are out of tune however, you are making people suffer. This is where you may want devote a majority of your time when you learn how to sing better.

 Find A Coach, System, or Method

learn-how-to-sing-coachingThis is a very critical singing tip! For years, I learned to sing by trial & error. I was a guitar player first, and you’ll notice if you play in bands that there’s always a serious shortage of good singers! And, the ones that are good tend to think they are God’s gift to music! But, I digress. 

My point is that learning to sing by trial and error was a long, slow process that was much more difficult than it needed to be. With some simple coaching, you can learn how to sing better MUCH faster than you will on your own. I recommend the following:

#1 – If you can, hire a vocal coach. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option, but great if you can afford it.

#2 – If a voice coach isn’t for you right now, I highly recommend joining my email coaching series. It is very comprehensive (and did I mention free?)

#3 – Consider joining a choir if you have one at your church or school. Now, I know many of you didn’t get into singing to sing choir, but you WILL learn valuable singing lessons, and they’ll most likely be free. You can then use that knowledge to sing however you want – whether it’s in a band, on your own, or whatever you choose.

Learn Your Vocal Range

There are 5 vocal types which you should be aware of: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. You will help yourself to learn how to sing better by first identifying which one you are. 

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Use the Right Singing Posture

They way you stand has a lot to do with how well you sing. You want to stand up straight and give your stomach plenty of room. You know what good posture is – don’t slouch! Just like Mom told you.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!

Singing is all about breath, from a mechanical standpoint. Learning to control your breath and get more out of your lungs is one of the best things you can do to learn how to sing better fast. Also, doing some sort of cardiovascular routine like running, riding a bike, or even taking walks regularly will help. 

When you go to your lungs for breathe power, you want them fit and ready to deliver! You can also work to expand your lung capacity over time by practicing deep breathing. 


Learn How To Sing Better By Being ConfidentAt the end of the day, singing is about performance. This means you will be standing in front of people while they sick back and judge you. I don’t mean to scare you, but it’s the truth! The BEST way to gain massive confidence is to become incredibly good at singing. This isn’t easy, but it is doable. However, there’s also the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ approach – and I recommend it!

Faking it ‘Til you make it means simply acting as if you have confidence! The great thing about this is that people only see what you’re projecting on the outside. Now, people usually project their inner thoughts with their body: if they’re sad they slump, if they’re happy they smile. However, CONFIDENCE has it’s own physical characteristics, and you can STEAL them even when you don’t feel confident.

You already know what the physical signs of confidence are: head up, making eye contact, smiling, tall posture, lots of energy. Watch video footage of singers you admire, and steal their moves! No one can tell how you feel on the inside unless you let them.

 As you progress with your singing, you will eventually achieve a state of NATURAL CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing that you are a great singer. Ah… this is a GREAT feeling, and certainly something to strive for!

You’ll want to make sure you warm up for singing in order to improve your singing voice. If you’re brand new to singing, I want to clear up a few misconceptions right away. Many people (including myself many years ago) are under the impression that famous singers party all the time and abuse their bodies.

While the media has certainly made a big deal about the few Rock Stars that do party like rock stars, the truth is that most serious professional singers take very good care of their instrument (their voice). This includes eating well, drinking TONS of water, staying fit, and practicing singing basics in order to perform at their peak.

I want you to understand that in order to learn how to sing better fast, you’ll need to apply some of these techniques that we discuss in detail on this site and in our Free Report & Email Coaching Series. I look forward to providing you with lots of great free material you can use to become a better singer today.

All the best, 

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Jake Jones | Founder | www. LearnHowToSingBetterFast.com

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Learn How to Sing Better Fast – Bonus Tips!

Being a great singer isn’t ALL about technique, there are some other things you should know, too. So I’d like to give you 5 Quick Tips on How to Sing Better Fast so that you can be armed with some very practical knowledge. These tips ARE NOT necessarily about technique, but I learned them the hard way over many years, and they WILL help you… IF you use them! Let’s get started.

How to Sing Better Tip #1 – It’s All in Your Head.

learn-how-to-sing-better-headI can’t remember where I read this, but I once heard a story about a hypnotist who would hypnotize people, and then tell them the audience had all paid $20 each to come hear them sing! Then, the hypnotized person would get up in front of the audience and sing a song. Guess what? The person under the influence of hypnosis actually sounded pretty good, and they were not a real singer! The moral of the story is that singing is 80% ‘head game’ and only 20% technique. Confidence plays such a big part in singing, you really must possess a high degree of confidence to be an amazing singer. One of the first rules of learning how to sing better is to become more confident.

You know what? This may actually have nothing to do with your singing ability! It may just mean dressing better, or simply practicing like crazy so that you know your part inside and out. Hell, it might even mean losing some weight so that you are more confident standing onstage in front of others, or choosing to wear a shirt that makes you look really good. The bottom line is this: do anything you need to in order to be more confident. You could even pretend you’re a famous singer, just to trick your mind into believing you can be amazing… that’s the first step. A warning: do not rely on alcohol for this confidence, it’s a trick and will only make you *think* you sound better. Focus instead on finding natural ways of improving your confidence levels.

How to Sing Better Tip #2 – What Are You Made of?

learn-how-to-sing-better-waterThis is such a simple tip that it’s easy to overlook. Guess what? Don’t overlook it, genius! What’s the tip? Drink more water. You missed it? I’ll repeat it: drink more water. Think about it: what are you made of? What is your body made of? The answer: over 60% water. Water is the building block of life, and the very foundation of every cell in your body. Not only that, but a well hydrated body is healthier, and all of your ‘singing’ body parts, like your throat and lungs, will benefit greatly from being very well hydrated.

Want to know a little secret? If you condition your body to be well hydrated, you won’t have to use the rest room so much. When you first start consuming large quantities of water, you will have to visit the little girl or boy’s room frequently. However, as your body adjusts to being well hydrated, you won’t have to go as much. Being hydrated becomes a natural state for your body. Staying hydrated is much easier than you think, you just need to start carrying a water bottle around with you at work, at school, wherever. And, when it comes time to perform or rehearse, bring along a gallon jug of distilled water. Also, make sure it’s room temperature – cold water will stiffen your pipes, friend! Having a whole gallon ensures you won’t run out, and will even encourage you to drink more water.

How to Sing Better Tip #3 – You and Michael Jordan

athelete-learn-how-to-sing-betterOk, so you may not be a huge sports fan, but everyone knows who Michael Jordan is. When you think about Michael, chances are you think about a highly conditioned athlete who is capable of doing positively astounding things with his body. I want you to start thinking the same way about yourself in your own quest to learn how to sing better. Your body is your instrument, and you need to start treating it that way. That means getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking tons of water, not smoking, and generally doing all the things your Mother told you.

I don’t wanna crush your rock dreams here, but you gotta take care of the bod. Your body is your instrument… you don’t see your guitar playing throwing his instrument down the stairs, do you? Didn’t think so – treat your body right, and your voice (and audience) will thank you.

How to Sing Better Tip #4 – Holy Cow

avoid-diary-learn-how-to-singYou know, I love pizza. I also love cheese enchiladas, and sometimes nothing beats a cold glass of milk. BUT, this isn’t always a good idea…

You probably know where I’m going with this: keep the diary light if you wanna rock the mic! In fact, before a performance or rehearsal, you should avoid diary as much as possible, as it causes excess mucus and is just not a friend of the singer.

Sorry – deal with it.

How to Sing Better Tip #5 – Face Your Fear

record-yourself-to-learn-how-to-sing-betterWhat is tip #5? record yourself singing. This may be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do, but it will literally transform your singing voice. You may absolutely, positively *hate* the sound of your own voice, but you must face your fear my friend. If you can be the 1 person out of 100 that actually do this tip, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your singing competition – I guarantee it. You can use your phone, a video camera, or your computer to record yourself, and don’t be too harsh judging yourself at first. Just make adjustments to your singing and it WILL get better, I promise. Ok, there are 5 tips for learning how to sing better fast. These are things I wish someone had told me a long time ago, so I’m sharing them with you now.

I wish you the absolute best in your singing adventures!

Jake Jones | Founder |  LearnHowToSingBetterFast.com